“You Cannot Just Slap Together
A Website And Call It A Day”

Big dumb companies put up websites every day that have NO offer, NO call to action—and just expect people to magically show up and automatically do business with them.

This is a surefire way of wasting TONS of time, money—and a proven way to get even more frustrated and confused than ever before!

Why? Because there are a whole lot of “experts” who preach that…

  • you’ve gotta build your brand!
  • you’ve gotta sell to people the way they want to be sold
  • you want the site to be pretty and have a bunch of fancy graphics
  • you don’t want to “sell” anything on your site…because people will be turned off by “selling”
  • you’ve gotta have a lot of “likes” and friends via social media.

You see, there’s one thing that I’ve  discovered in my 20+ years in online marketing…and that there are critical decisions that MUST be made about your website and your Internet strategy.

Miss out on this, and you could be forever BANNED from achieving the success and prosperity you deserve.  You’ll be forever futzing around with HTML, code, PHP, and all that nerdy stuff…hoping and praying it’s going to magically help you get more customers, clients, or patients…

…like that movie “Field of Dreams”… “if you build it, they will come!”

Fat chance!

So if you use sloppy tactics preached by “instant experts” out there on forums and other places online that don’t “walk the walk”…you could be utterly confused for the life of your wealth-building career regarding what makes a REAL direct-response site “tick”.

Listen: the worst thing you can do is assume the Internet is “free”…and that sending an email is “free”…and on and on.

There’s a cost to everything…even though it’s “free”.  Sure that email you sent out was “free” but it took you time to write it—or you had to pay someone to do it.

 “But Imagine Having a Website and Online Strategy that Brings In YOUR Ideal Customers, Clients and Patients Like Clockwork”

And imagine how easier it’ll make on your life—and how much extra income you’ll be able to use to pay some bills, add more overhead to your operation, or just make it easier to sleep for a change?

And imagine what it will feel like that you finally “get” this whole Internet thing that has been eluding you all this time?

Everybody could sure use more customers, clients, or patients in their business.  And chances are, you’re either using the Internet wrong, or you’re not using it at all.

The Internet is a valuable tool.   But you have to realize that every word matters, every square inch matters, and every page matter when it comes your website and how you market yourself online…

…they either move your prospect to respond—or NOT to respond.  Which would YOU rather have?

One-Size-Fits-All Won’t Work for Websites

When you’re face-to-face with a customer, client, patient or prospect you can ask and answer questions, plus give them the personalized attention they need to feel as if your business and yours alone is THE one for them.

This type of engagement is essential if you want to grow your business.

But websites are another kind of animal. That’s because unlike a letter or email, those who view your site are at different stages of the buying cycle. Some will know nothing about your product or service and very little about you. Others may be very loyal to you and your product or service, someone who’s been coming to you for years.

But if you take a look at a lot of websites, you’ll notice the generic way in which they approach the sales and presentation process. It’s probably cheaper and easier to build them this way. But this kind of approach is going to cost the website owner plenty, both in time and money, over the long haul.

It reminds me of trying to put a square peg in a round hole. It’s a great way to lose a lot of customers AND repel any decent leads or income. When you try to cater to everyone, you more than likely aren’t going to capture anyone. Plus the possibility of attracting the wrong kind of prospect goes up.

You want each visitor to your website to have a wonderful experience. That’s why it’s important for each and every page to have a purpose and to work together with other pages. Before posting a blog, ask yourself what is the purpose of putting it up and how does it tie in or fit together with the rest of your website content. The bottom line is you should be putting careful thought and planning into your website, rather than throwing up pages in a random manner.

Build for Today AND Tomorrow

Automate your business and build an evergreen campaign on your website, so that it becomes a continuous and ongoing source of leads and income. A smart way to do this is to install fundamental direct response marketing principles that have stood the test of time. Don’t go regularly changing your website because some Johnny-come-lately digital guru says there’s a new rule everyone should now be following.

Take Charge of Your Website

Make sure you don’t turn over your site to a web designer or tech whiz. They will not pay attention to the overall purpose and design. They will simply build and maintain your site based on what is easy to construct and adjust. It’s highly unlikely they will understand direct response principles. And they definitely won’t be aware or concerned about the big picture and what you’re trying to communicate and accomplish. In other words, you need a true marketer in your corner. One who really thinks like an architect and will make certain every element and button on your website is working toward the end result you are seeking.

Flashy graphics and videos are fine, but it’s the words that make people take action! And only a vetted copywriter can provide that.

Don’t be “Word Sloppy”

Just like a newspaper or magazine ad, keep in mind that every word you use counts. The common myth is that a website has unlimited real estate to work with. Don’t get sloppy with your copy. If something isn’t working with your overall strategy, lose it. Same thing goes for any graphic or design elements. Choose them carefully and make sure they serve a specific purpose.

If you do it right and put in the work and planning up front, your website will go to work for you over and over again. Do this up front and it will save you a whole lot of time and money because you won’t have to be continually rebuilding your website. It will become like an old friend or a successful sales letter that will do the job for you year after year.

And that’s the kind of website that will make visitors realize that you are exactly the right fit for them.

The Bottom Line is This:

I’ve guided clients in many diverse businesses…in REAL businesses…to treasure on the Internet…

I don’t sell “get rich on the internet”, but I have helped a lot of people do exactly that…

Savvy people reading this who want to excel online are going jump all over this–because they realize the value of having PROVEN online marketing pieces at their disposal!

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And think about knowing exactly how many clients, customers or patients you’re going to get 6-12 months from now…

…while your competitors are up at 2 in the morning worrying about whether or not they’re going to make payroll next month?

So…How Much Is Getting a Leg Up On the Internet Worth to You?

You see, clients hire me for $2,800 for a consulting day, and pay me up to $10,000 to write copy and create marketing campaigns for them.

Usually writing just the sales copy for a website I charge between $800 to $1,200.

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And let’s say you make (only) $50,000…

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Why would I do this?

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